Resident Reviews


“I love living here at Colonial Point Apartments.  The people living here are friendly and it is very private as well.  If you ever have a problem the office staff is right there to help you.  I’ve been living her for 6 years and I love every minute of it.  This is not just an apartment complex everyone makes you feel like it’s you’re home.  It’s perfect with the pool and laundry rooms!  Also you feel very protected here.  They have people watching out for our safety all of the time.”

-Colonial Point Resident

“Colonial Point Management,
This is just a letter to let you know how much I have enjoyed living in your community for the past 32 years.  I have always felt safe here, and confidant that I won’t be bothered.  The neighborhood around us has never changed; it is very quiet and clean.  Your maintenance staff is great, as always and there when you need them while being very courteous and friendly.  Thanks you for making my life here a good one, you are all wonderful people. Thank You Again.”

-Bert, Colonial Point Resident

“I enjoy living in Colonial Point Apartments for many reasons, but the most important is that I feel safe here.  It is a family atmosphere where you know all of your neighbors and the Colonial Point staff.  Any time I have had a problem it has always been quickly corrected by the maintenance team and all of them re polite and very helpful.  The apartments are convenient to stores and gas stations, which is always a plus.  I love walking my dog in the beautiful courtyards, which are wonderfully landscaped.  If you are looking to move to a place where you will feel safe, have problems, addressed promptly and want n extended family then Colonial Point is the place for you.”

-Colonial Point Resident

“The reasons why I enjoy living here is the friendliness of the staff and the residents.  The staff is always helpful and eager to help with any problems that may occur.  I recommend living here to anyone that may be considering doing it.  The pool is lovely and they keep the grounds well groomed and free of the messes some may leave behind.  Alexander is my bud and he has helped me immensely.  It’s an awesome place to live.”

Ellen Decker, Colonial Point Resident

“I have lived at Colonial Point for a year and a half now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  The staffs are always kind and friendly.  You get to know them by name, which I really like.  If you have a problem they are always quick and efficient in fixing it.  The location is also great.  I am close to grocery stores, the mall, restaurants, close to Philly and I95.  I know my mailman by name and he always stop to say hello when he sees me.  It’s the little things that make this place great.  I love it.”

Lisa, Colonial Point Resident

“In two years of living here at Colonial Point, my experience has been pleasurable. It has been a quiet, and safe environment to raise my young daughter in.The management staff has always been both professional and pleasant; maintenance issues have always been taken care of quickly and efficiently. After a severe motor vehicle accident I was unable to climb stairs; the management staff worked quickly to move us to a first floor apartment, something you don’t see very often.
I would recommend this apartment community to anyone.”

Michael J. Appell, Colonial Point Resident

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